There are 11 major chakras that we work on in Pranic Healing.

They are located along the central axis of the human body – on the front as well as at the back. Chakras are whirling energy centers. They are constantly in motion – rotating clockwise and counterclockwise, absorbing fresh prana (life force) and expelling used up prana or dirty, diseased energy. This action of the chakras is vital to maintain a clean and healthy energy body as well as to ensure a smooth flow of energy through the meridian system. Meridians or ‘Nadis’ are subtle energy channels that run in parallel to the physical nervous system. They are the carriers of the energy supplied by the chakras.

The chakras have physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual functions.

For example, the heart chakra located at the centre of the chest maintains the physical health of the organs around it, viz., the physical heart, the lungs, the thymus gland. At an emotional level, the same chakra also enables one to experience higher emotions like love, peace, gratitude and kindness. A malfunction of this chakra may manifest as sadness, depression, insensitivity towards others, and at the physical level, it may weaken the thymus gland, thereby weakening the immune system of the body.

Hence the saying, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ – because when you laugh, you activate the heart chakra, it energizes and strengthens your immune system, and that becomes your natural preventive shield against disease.

In pranic healing, we are able to scan each chakra to ascertain how clean, big and active it is. We are also able to find out if the chakra has become congested with too much dirty energy, which means that it is not able to expel as much as it should. Sometimes a chakra may have become very small and depleted, it may be unable to absorb enough fresh prana.

A pranic healer can correct both conditions and reinstate the natural healthy function of any chakra. This will inturn reinstate the natural healthy state of the organs controlled by this chakra.

Depending on how severe the malfunction was, it may take a few days to weeks of work on the chakras to bring them to healthy operating condition.

Thus by treating the energy system of the human body, we can greatly accelerate the body’s natural healing ability. This is the fundamental principle on which pranic healing works.

I will decribe each of the chakras and their functions in separate articles.

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