Case Study: TV Addiction

Case Study: TV Addiction


The client is in her late fifties, a homemaker from a well networked industrialist family. Since many years, she tends to spend almost 10 to 12 hours in front of the television, including meal times. She had almost stopped all individual external engagments, meeting friends, etc. The last time she went out on her own with friends was 5-6 months back. Her family requested healing as they felt that she had also started harboring negativity and getting angry on little things.


Distance pranic healing was done on her major chakras to remove tendencies of addiction to TV. Strong energy chords were found connecting her to her particular seat in front of the TV. These were cut and released. The room was cleansed energetically. Pranic healing was also done to improve her self-confidence and instill positivity and hope.


After a few days of daily healing, she went out with her friends for a full-day outing. The next day she signed up for a self-help health workshop locally. Gradually she started to spend less time in her TV seat even she was home, engaging herself in cleaning, or other activities. Eventually she started to busy herself in the home garden, and also restarted a hobby class which she had stopped since many months. We continued to heal her a few times a week. The next month she joined a fun outing with her friends and stayed overnight at a local resort. Her family shared that this was the first time she had gone out overnight by herself in the last 2-3 years.

We had healed her regularly for over a month for the TV addiction and a few other concerns and it has been 7 months since we stopped her healing. Feedback from her family: She continues to have her hobby class, meets friends, attends local club events; and she even went for a movie all by herself a couple of times.

Pranic Healing is thereapuetic. It brings harmony to life by healing one at the core, beyond the limitations of medical science. Try pranic healing, you will love it!

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    Wonderful!! It’s true we too totally believe in Pranic healing!


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