Case Study: Pranic Healing for Rapid Recovery after Delivery

Case Study: Pranic Healing for Rapid Recovery after Delivery


This is PART 2 of the Case Study: Pranic Healing in Pregnancy. Read PART 1 here about how pranic healing helped our client have a healthy pregnancy and a natural delivery with under 60 minutes of labor. The client is 31, based in the UK, works part-time from home, mother to a 5 year old girl, and pregnant with her 2nd baby. She had requested for pranic healing at the start of her 3rd trimester. Her labor started 1 week before the due date, a distance healing was done immediately and she delivered a healthy baby in less than half an hour of the healing.


Within minutes of the delivery, a healing was done to stabilize the upheaveled state of her body’s energy, as well as to minimize bleeding, heal the emotional trauma of the birthing process and accelerate the body’s recovery process. Another healing was done after 8 hours on the same day.

Thereafter healings were done twice a day for about a week till the client resumed daily activities.


Day 1: Blood loss was minimal; delivery happened at 5am and she was discharged from the hospital by 1pm.

Day 2: The next day she had not yet started lactating, had some pain in the stitches and was facing constipation; after 2 healings lactation started and bowel movement normalized.

Day 3: Piles pain started; this was addressed immediately in the next healing, and we continued to heal for constipation and stitches.

Day 4 & 5: No new problems were faced, lactation was normal, piles pain reduced, stitches pain reduced; there was still some constipation

Day 6: Client feedback – “feeling a lot better but still a bit pain in the stitches and bowel still a bit constipated” Client also shared that the baby hadn’t pooped again after the first time at the hospital. We immediately did a healing for the new born and cleared up the energy congestion in his navel area.

Our advise to all our clients is to share any abnormalities immediately and not wait to think if this too can be treated by pranic healing. We are here for you, dedicated to you during this critical time of your life and we will do everything in our power to help you.

Day 7: Client feedback – Thanks a ton for helping me get out of all the pains, all is fine. Stitches also healing very nicely; Delivery was peaceful; Milk is comming properly; Really would want to meet you personally and thank you. Once again thanks from both of us (husband)

The client also sent us a list of baby names and asked our choice. In her words, “You played an important role for my pregnancy to go smooth, your vote is a must!”

Pranic healing is a blessing! Our sincere hope is that more and more women can be helped with pranic healing to help them experience a healthy, natural and peaceful motherhood.

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