Case Study: Pranic Healing in Pregnancy

Case Study: Pranic Healing in Pregnancy


The client is 31, based in the UK, works part-time from home, mother to a 5 year old girl, and pregnant with her 2nd baby. She requested for pranic healing at the start of her 3rd trimester.

Her pregnancy had been healthy so far, with not much discomfort, except for back ache that would not let her sit comfortably for more than an hour, and not let her get sleep at night.

At the time of her first pregnancy, she had been in very painful labour for 7.5 hours, and after all the pushing, she had developed a piles like condition followed by severe infection which lasted for many months following the delivery. So, as the due date was approaching this time, she was also worried about the painful labor, the risk of further severe piles and infection.

We started her pranic healing for pregnancy with the following objectives:

  1. Heal her back pain to ensure sound sleep and allow her to sit comfortably as long as she wants
  2. Prepare her body for a natural delivery with minimum labor duration and pain
  3. Accelerate post-delivery recovery with minimal issues and be in a position to manage piles or related infections in case they recur


A personalized DISTANCE PRANIC HEALING plan was made; we did healings for her 2-3 times a week in the last trimester.

At the time of labor, a special healing technique was used to facilitate the birthing process by enabling contraction at the navel area, dilation at the sex area and strenthening of the energy of the lower chakras and organs. The strength of the navel area is one of the most important factors to enable a natural and quick delivery.

Post delivery, healing was done twice a day for about a week to help the physical body recover from the exertion of the birthing process and organically manage any infections, unexpected pains or glitches once back home.


Her back ache went away after the first couple of healings. It would sometimes come back on the 2nd or 3rd day after a healing, so we observed how her body responded and set a healing frequency of alternate days to ensure she has almost pain free days.

Her husband noticed after a week that she was happily watching a movie for 2-3 hours without complaining even once about her back hurting ­čÖé

Her sleep also improved considerably. Occassionally she would get pelvic pain or constipation, and these were addressed immediately in the following healings. She remained healthy and without any major issues up to the day of delivery.

  • Her labor started at about 4.13 am a week before the due date; she informed us immediately
  • They reached the hospital at about 4.28 am and we coordinated via whatsapp
  • A quick focused healing was done by 4.40 am
  • At 5 am she texted: ”BABY IS OUT ALL OK AND TALK LATER”

Dance of joy was happening here ­čÖé ­čÖé ! It’s the best feeling ever for a healer to know their client had a natural, healthy delivery, and in this case, so fast!

Pranic healing is a blessing! It allowed us to help a mother thousands of miles away, to have a safe, healthy and natural delivery. Read here about how pranic healing came to the rescue with her post-delivery treatment when her lactation did not start for over 24 hours after birth, and the baby did not pass bowel for almost 4 days after the first one at the hospital.

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