Cancer is abnormal and rapid growth of cells.

The energy body of a person suffering from cancer is quite dirty and depleted (low level of energy), but the affected part or parts are very congested (high level of energy).

It is in these areas where there is pranic congestion that cancer cells thrive. Rapid growth of cells requires a lot of pranic energy.

The objective of the treatment is to relieve the patient from the agonizing pain and to reduce the spread and growth of cancer cells by starving them of pranic energy.


In general, the following are the benefits derived by cancer patients from this form of healing:

  1. The intense pain will be gradually reduced after several treatments.
  2. Your energy level will be increased, and you will feel much stronger after several treatments.
  3. The appetite will improve.
  4. The growth of cancer cells will be reduced, if not stopped.
  5. Cancer cells will be gradually and partially destroyed.

Many cancer patients cannot be healed for the following reasons:

  1. The patient’s body has already been badly damaged by potent drugs;
  2. Cancer cells have already spread;
  3. The body of the patient is already extremely weak and its capacity to absorb and retain pranic energy has greatly diminished;
  4. Some of the organs have already been badly damaged and are beyond repair;
  5. The ailment could be of karmic origin
  6. For terminal cancer patients, pranic healing will enable them to die in peace and with dignity.

Because of these factors, many cancer patients will be partially or completely relieved, their health improved and their life prolonged, but only some will be substantially or completely cured.

Source: Advance Pranic Healing (book) by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui


Please follow these guidelines in addition to the pranic healing treatment done by your healer:

  1. Take a bath with water and salt for about 15 to 20 minutes every day for the rest of your life, if possible. Lavender oil can be added to the water and salt bath. Lavender oil helps in cleansing and normalizing the affected chakras.
  2. The temperature of the bath water should be maintained at about 39-40 degrees centigrade. This is important because if the temperature is too low, the body may become weaker, and if it is too high, the cancer cells may spread faster.
  3. All forms of anger, resentment and other negative emotions should be avoided. They can cause imbalance in the lower chakras. It is necessary to forgive, since this releases the accumulated pent up negative emotions. 
  4. Avoid wearing any precious stones, gems, diamonds or crystals till the cancer is completely cured. Crystals tend to have an activating effect on the lower chakras. This may cause rapid multiplication of cells. 
  5. Avoid meat, fish, egg, cheese and spicy foods because they can aggravate the condition. This is very important. Preferably become a vegetarian. Aside from the benefits derived from a vegetarian diet, being a vegetarian is an act of mercy towards the animal kingdom. Based on the law of karma, a person who shows mercy will in turn also receive mercy. This helps in the faster healing of the illness. 
  6. Furthermore, practice tithing (donate one tenth of your net monthly income to a charitable or humanitarian cause, at this time in life, preferably to a cancer hospital that treats poor people for free) and do the Meditation on Twin Hearts regularly to help generate more positive karma.

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