Heal~thy Womb

Increase your chance to get pregnant naturally by regaining your body’s energetic balance. Ease out morning sickness, back pain and sleepless nights. Reduce labor time and trauma.

We have specialised healing packages depending on your medical history and stage of pregnancy.

  • Conceive Naturally: This treatment (2 to 3 months) is for a couple that is planning to have a child Buy Now
  • Avoiding Miscarriage: This treatment (about a month) is for women who are not pregnant but have a history of miscarriages Buy Now
  • Preventing Miscarriage: This treatment (1 or 2 sessions) is for pregnant women who complain of lower abdominal pain with bleeding
  • Pre and Post-Pregnancy: For the best birthing experience, we recommend a customised healing plan including the below Buy Now
    • Facilitating the Birthing Process: This treatment (2 months, 30 sessions) is for pregnant women who are in the last trimester of pregnancy
    • Hastening Recovery after Giving Birth: This treatment (5 days, 10 sessions) is for women who have just delivered their baby


Read these case studies to know more!

Case Study: Pranic Healing in Pregnancy

Case Study: Pranic Healing for Rapid Recovery after Delivery