Pranic Healing in Pregnancy

Energy healing can prepare your physical body to conceive naturally, and reduce pregnancy related discomforts, labor time and pain. Post-delivery recovery can be made comfortable. Try it!

We have specialised healing packages depending on your medical history and stage of pregnancy.

  • Conceive Naturally: This treatment (2 to 3 months) is for a couple that is planning to have a child Buy Now
  • Avoiding Miscarriage: This treatment (about a month) is for women who are not pregnant but have a history of miscarriages Buy Now
  • Preventing Miscarriage: This treatment (1 or 2 sessions) is for pregnant women who experience lower abdominal pain with bleeding
  • Pre and Post-Pregnancy: For the best birthing experience, we recommend a customised healing plan including the below Buy Now
    • Facilitating the Birthing Process: This treatment (2 months, 30 sessions) is for pregnant women who are in the last trimester of pregnancy
    • Hastening Recovery after Giving Birth: This treatment (5 days, 10 sessions) is for women who have just delivered their baby


Read these case studies to know more!

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